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Romax Residential Parking Solutions is a division of Romax Parking Solutions. Over the last several decades, we have observed an increased demand for car parking systems in residential customized homes. As the value of land proliferates so the query to maximize its usage to the fullest is raised. Romax Parking Residential Solutions devises new concepts and designs for saving space. In lieu of precious area expensed to developing two to three parking garages, Romax Residential Parking Solution conceives solutions that allot as many parking spaces as a client desires while only expending a single garage space. The parking area can now serve better use such as for larger home living area.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions offers a variety of parking systems; from simple car lifts requiring no pit construction, to car stackers and home car elevators.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions has adopted a unique approach to their service; we welcome client suggestions and ideas and are reputed for custom design to fashion whatever a client desires or imagines. We are dedicated to always provide a solution that will best accommodate the clients’ needs.

Romax Residential Parking Solutions is entrusted to provide heavy-duty home car elevating systems constructed with upmost safety and quality in mind, and intended purposely for the Canadian market and its environment. Systems are registered under the TSSA and conform to all lift safety regulations.

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